These New Muni Trains Are SO SEXY & You’ll Be Able To Ride Them in 2028

The newest renders of SFMTA’s chic Muni trains have been making airwaves among San Francisco residents. They are basically luxury.

But sadly, we won’t be seeing them in the near future but still be excited as the new 260 Siemen rail cars will make tracks by 2017. The $1.2 billion purchase will allow for the phasing out of the current Breda cars — which, according to the paper, were purchased in 1996 and are considered unreliable. Who would of thunk huh?

“One big reason these trains will be so much more reliable is that they will have far fewer mechanical issues with the doors and raising steps, which are the single biggest cause of delays on the Metro system,” explains SFMTA officials. “The doors and steps on the Siemens trains have a modern design and assembly technique requiring fewer parts to perform the same functions.”

The current Breda cars have a history of getting people and animals stuck in it’s pull system, which is very scary to those who do get caught. In addition to this, Muni operators will be able to raise or lower steps independently instead of all or nothing. “To allow customers to access handicap-accessible platforms at street-level stops, Muni operators must [currently] raise all steps on the right side of the current trains,” the SFMTA announcement reads. “With this new feature, operators will be able to raise only the front steps necessary for platform access, reducing wear on the other steps.”

Even the insides will be designed with the rider’s input in mind, and it won’t have the Seattle Seahawk colors that the BART redesign is currently sporting.

“We took a long view,” SFMTA’s transit director John Haley explained to the paper. “We’re not just replacing the fleet we have; we’re looking toward the future. It will be a quantum leap forward in terms of reliability.“

Who else is excited like we are… Yes, we do take MUNI.

Written by Anthony Rogers, renderings by the SFMTA — If you aren’t excited for whatever reason, you should tweet us and let us know!

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