Bay Area Beats: Treasure Island Music Festival Got Wet And The People Were Angered


Making it’s last round at Treasure Island, Treasure Island Music Festival went out in pretty poor fashion. Thanks to mother nature, multiple shows were delayed, cancelled, and refunds were immediately demanded.

And we’re not kidding, last weekend’s rain was kicked up into the up 20 MPH, which is pretty distracting and dangerous for those music festival goers. So bad in fact, one young woman had to be rolled out on a gurney after a vending machine apparently toppled onto her due to high winds. Saturday probably being the worst day of the weekend long festival, musical acts like Young Thug, James Blake, and Bay Area locals like Kamaiyah had to put in double time to help cover sets of delayed performers.

Many loudly questioned other choices by organizers. No umbrellas were allowed. No additional tents for spectators appeared to be added. And people were clearly angry. Just as Sunday morning rolled around, TIMF posted this “apology” to their Instagram.


Though a lackluster apology in itself and written Notes… Many were quick to lash out at the festival for not properly preparing. “portnoyscomplaint_13: This letter is infuriating. It is incredibly minimizing of the utter shit show experience that was yesterday. Take some accountability #timf this pedantic attempt to cover your ass for having your festival totally fall apart is a joke. I am incredibly disappointed. This letter is full of invalidation and passive aggressive undertones. Just be honest and emotionally intelligent.”

TIMF further commented, “Yesterday we experienced several schedule delays and changes due to weather-related travel and tech issues,“ organizers wrote in a statement before the festivities on Sunday. "When these issues arose, we immediately began working behind the scenes to adjust and find solutions as quickly as possible. During this downtime, many of you grew understandably frustrated at the lack of information, and we want to apologize.”

Another commenter went off on the music festival’s Instagram, “wanderngstar: @timfsf I like that you’re using a quote from an artist whom you put on 2 hours late and tried to cut off after a few songs. That quite was for us from them, not for your shameless self promotion. Thanks for the non-apolgy. Yesterday was dreadful due to inadequate planning for a storm that had been forcasted far in advance. The rain wasn’t the problem, your lack of pre-planning was. You should be apologizing to artists and fans alike with a real statement and a refund. Put your money where your mouth is and take ownership of the issues that caused so much grief for your customers. Thank you @dukedumont and @howtodresswell for speaking out about your experience and in support of a refund for fans. Thank you @polishambassador and @kamiyah for your impromptu extended sets. You were truly classy for that. @timfsf do the right thing and give us a refund. I paid for VIP and it was a piss poor excuses for a festival. "Rain or shin[e]” yeah right! #classactionsuit #wedeservebetter #refundtimf10.”

It had seemed by the end of the nights, people were either injured from high intensity winds, had gotten sick, or had gone home all-together — which would explain the small crowds at Friday nights headliner Sigur Ros.

Whatever the case, we’re so upset that TIMF will be no more on Treasure Island but hopefully, a better venue and set up will be in place next year for ample music listening-ing experiences.


Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced from the Treasure Island Music Festival Instagram — Subscribe to our newsletter for up to date Bay Area culture.

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