WHOA! The Transbay Terminal Gets a Major Facelift

East Bay commuters and beyond rejoice, another avenue of transportation is here.

And it comes at great timing when BART has slowed various trains across all lines. After a multimillion dollar re-brands, 20+ years of conception and construction—the new Transbay Terminal plus rooftop terrace has now opened to the public officially. And in total, the cities new sight to see roughly costed $2.26 billion. No big.

Photo by @ mike_12_utset

Photo by @mike_12_utset

And with naysayers still shouting "waste" at the off-white behemoth—the architects behind the structure assure that it's nothing short of a 'miracle.' “It’s a miracle,” said architect Fred Clarke about the new hub. “Is that the appropriate word?” The daily transit depot and a destination spot, will serve Bay Area residents as a new point of bay crossing when the BART continues to fail. The Transbay Terminal itself has direct connection from station to freeway making delays near to impossible. 

For the rest of us San Franciscans, we also can utilize the new space: the first floor offers Muni bus service via the 5-Fulton, 5-Rapid, 6-Haight/Parnassus, 7-Haight, 25-Treasure Island, 38-Geary, and 38-Rapid. The third floor hosts AC Transit, WestCAT, and Greyhound regional bus service. The bottom floor will eventually harbor Caltrain, which is expected to be done by 2028, and the ambitious California High-Speed Rail project, which will connect Los Angeles and San Francisco.


But let's also not forget the beautiful park that now lives above the fray: 

“It’s meant to be used and used often,” said Dennis Turchon, Senior Construction Manager for the Transbay Joint Powers Authority. “It’s not just for show. This is a public park. This is a message I want to make very clear.”

Sporting three city blocks of space, an amphitheater, and surprisingly enough there are 34 storefronts available in and outside the Transit Center. Expect cafes (not including Starbucks), a health club, and more. And you may be asking, what about homeless encampments, while nothing has been said to the degree of whether the homeless are exactly welcome, Dennis also affirmed their security staff, "In addition to San Francisco Police Officers from the Southern Station, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority has hired private security firm to add an extra layer of surveillance. There will also be ambassadors sporting official jackets to answer visitors’ queries."

But as of RIGHT NOW, the transit station is open the mass public and while we didn't go in and dissect the nook and cranny of the structure—a ton of local artists and easter eggs can be found within the 5.4-acre cocoon.

// 200 Folsom St, East Cut; amtrak.com. Feature photography by Samuel Isaac.

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