Westward Leaning Pops Up With A Toy Machine at Chantal Guillon

It is one of those collabs' where we stopped outside the store to take a further look. Concept, executed.

Westward Leaning (a local sunglasses brand) has popped up in Chantal Guillon's Hayes Valley store for a limited time and their interesting idea... A claw-and-grab machine. The limited-edition sunglasses come separately packaged and inspired by CG's most popular macarons: Coffee Mint Wayfarer, Red Velvet Cat-Eye and Sparkling Champagne Aviator. The items are mixed in together inside the machine with an assortment of Chantal's various macarons. Plus when you purchase a pair of sunnies, each purchase comes with a complimentary box of six of the namesake sweets (two of each flavor).

So how do you play? From our on-site research, you will need to grab your beloved quarters. 50 cents will give you one chance to grab at a pair of these $185–$205 sunglasses or you can snag a box of six macarons instead. The money appears to be going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco so don't feel like you're wasting your laundry money entirely. From our first try, we sadly didn't win anything but the claw itself has a fair grip and doesn't cheat you. You know EXACTLY what we're talking about.

// 437 Hayes St, Hayes Valley, chantalguillonwestwardleaning; The shades ($185–$205) are available at the patisserie's Hayes Valley shop through April 30th.


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