Anthony Rogersart

Anthony Rogersart
Where Did The Time Go?

“It’s been forever”

8 A.M you’re awake, the morning greets you with open arms. Your list of to do’s is full with endless possibilities. You get dressed, put on your best, and skamp out the door.

You board the bus that comes on time every morning, 8:24 A.M to be exact. It’s a hit or miss whether you get a seat or not but you’re not concerned.

Suddenly you see a human in the distance you haven’t talked to in years.

You make glances at each other, scanning the bits of skin to see if a memory pieces itself together.

And finally the approach, “How have you been? It’s been a year I think.” You chuckle out of courtesy and smile. After conversing about all things past and present, they reach their stop. “Have a great day, lets get coffee soon.” Another courtesy chuckle and they are on their way. As soon as the bus doors come to a close you realize that it’ll happen again. More chance meetings. More memories either good or bad.

Photographed by Angela Lillian Chen, Written by Anthony Rogers

Anthony is the founder of Bob Cut Mag and the director of business development. Anthony writes on LGBT, people, and gender issues but catch him also writing about other shenanigans he finds himself in. Want to partner with Bob Cut? Email him at

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