Where To Find San Francisco’s Stylish Bartenders


If the Bay Area wasn’t already home to many stylish locals, we overlook an incredibly chic source of period and personal style. Though you may have had too many Pisco Punches to really notice but keep your eye out next time at these trendy watering holes. Give them a compliment or two while you’re at it.

Comstock Saloon // 155 Columbus Ave

A no-brainer but this Jackson Square oasis homes very sharp men and women who shake and stir very intoxicating cocktails. Come for the Rye and stay for the occasional handlebar mustaches that the ladies fall head over heels for. — comstocksaloon.com


White Chapel // 600 Polk St

Where Civic Center inhabitants sprawl too, hoping to get their lavender-infused cocktails before happy hour ends. Their high caliber bartenders sport the latest styles of San Francisco dwellers. Can you say Canadian tuxedo? That’s all WE have to say. — whitechapelsf.com


Novela // 662 Mission St

Like walking into New York in the late 40′s, this SoMa bar is a black-tie event every night. Dressed to impress, the cocktail masters at Novela are often seen in very chic black suits, suspenders, or incredibly ravishing suit vests. No we’re serious. — novelasf.com


Local Edition // 691 Market St

Casual is the word when you’re tucked away in this basement bar on Market. Rocking the “causal-friday” look every day, the bartenders are approachable, easy going and dressing for the SF dream. Now if only wearing your PJ’s to work wasn’t an issue. — localeditionsf.com


The Treasury // 200 Bush St #101

These low-key nautical themes coming out of the Treasury on Bush street fill our ‘Bioshock’ feelings to a tee. The style is varied but mainly, “give them a little flair.” Bartender Carlos Yturria’s looks vary between monochromatic colors but always hinting a print. If you can, let him shake you up a cocktail, they’re down right intoxicating. — thetreasurysf.com


Pagan Idol // 375 Bush St

Welcome to refined island attire, not too cheesy but not too sad. The bartenders of Pagan Idol find a clear balance between stylish and selling the fantasy - and we will be honest, we feel teleported to a shipwreck of dreams. If you can survive through their cocktail bowls, grab a selfie with them or get a group involved. — paganidol.com

Written by Anthony Rogers, Photography by (from top to bottom) Heidi Schumann, Kelly Puleio, Camila Bernal, Danielle Tsi, John Storey, Jen Fedrizzi — Did we miss someone? Let us know so we can add them on. Need more bar recommendations? Our A to Z best bars will leave you in a boozy trance.

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