Write For Bob Cut, Better Your Bay Area

Have a passion for the Bay Area that needs to be told? Bob Cut is seeking a fresh set of writers to champion more Bay-centric content.

Is there a topic you want to explore or a story you’d like to see covered?

Can you write?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, we’d like to talk to you about writing for Bob Cut. As we continue to bring light to the stories of people, places, and experiences, we do miss a lot of what the Bay Area prides itself on.

Covering your interests can help connect the people around you, from informing your neighbors about local musings to giving them a heads-up about new businesses, to showcasing interesting local characters and history.

If you’re interested in writing for us, let us know a few details about yourself, and your writing interests you’d like to cover here.

No professional writing experience is required: we’ll help you with story ideas and editing. We’re looking for folks with a healthy curiosity, who are able to tell a good story and manage the basics of meeting deadlines, replying to emails and taking constructive feedback.

Not interested in writing, but have a story you want to see covered on Bob Cut? Reach out to us via our tipline, and we’ll get back to you.

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photo sourced from Pexels — Want to stay involved? Subscribe to our newsletter.

Anthony is the founder of Bob Cut Mag and the director of business development. Anthony writes on LGBT, people, and gender issues but catch him also writing about other shenanigans he finds himself in. Want to partner with Bob Cut? Email him at anthony@bobcutmag.cm

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