Yvonne's Southern Sweets Celebrates a Decade Of Service To The Community


It’s been a pretty intense day but for owner Yvonne Hines, a major milestone in her career has been hit!

Serving sweet treats for the community of Bayview, Yvonne’s Southern Sweets has just hit their decade of being in business which is very exciting for the owner and founder Yvonne Hines, “10 years went by really fast, but it was a sweet journey,” she told Hoodline.

With the daily news of local eateries and boutique’s closing shop (and the looming fear of Prop V), Yvonne should be all the more proud to stand as a business who didn’t succumb to the cities changing policies.

Hines, a San Francisco native, has been an integral part of the Bayview community, selling her wares at local events like 3rd on Third and serving on the Bayview Merchants Association’s board. Yvonne’s contributions to her community have made her and her shop recognizable to many locals. Garnering a large group of people to celebrate, wine and sweets were to be had.

But who was the star of the show? Of course, Yvonne’s famed Lemon Pie’s (made from her grandmother’s recipe.) “Around the holidays, my grandmother would make three 9-inch pies—one for her, one for my uncle, and the third would be for the rest of the family,“ Hines tells Hoodline, “There would be at least 20 of us, so of course they went fast.”


So how does ones stay in business for SO long, the expiration date for local businesses in the Bay Area is 8 years too late, “through the years, I’ve revamped everything from my menu to my logo,“ she told Hoodline. "It’s an ongoing process, and I just learn more as time passes.”


// Yvonne’s Southern Sweets, 5128 3rd St, Bayview, yvonnessouthernsweets.com

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos courtesy of Yvonne’s Southen Sweets — Know of any other celebrations? Send us a line and we’ll get right on it. Also, since you’re at it, subscribe to our newsletter.

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