Inside The Studio: Stepping Into The Mind of Artist Zio Ziegler

Photography by Anthony Rogers — Zio Zeigler in his artist home.

Photography by Anthony Rogers — Zio Zeigler in his artist home.

Looking around, it's not too hard to see that Bay Area artist Zio Ziegler breathes his work.

Surrounded by multiple canvases, oil paints, acrylics, and brushes — it's hard to see where to start. Based in both the Marin and San Francisco, the artist gets crafty in his Marin art home, preparing for an exhibition. "Painting is my attempt at self-understanding. I create an experience for the viewer that parallels my own search in creation" he tell us as he explains why his work his strung out through the halls of the home. 11-foot canvases can be seen half-done, sketched into place while others are complete and are waiting to be brought to their new homes.

"Whether I am painting on a public wall or in my studio, my craft is a vehicle that shows me how to turn every crisis into an opportunity. The naiveté and freedom I see and admire in the physical world directly influence the most primitive aspects of my work. My materials are the tools I use to try to understand my human condition." Books and inspiration lines the walls of this young artist, he never goes a day without reference. Anywhere from sculpting books to the dense history Roman semantics, Zio credits his work to the vast wealth of knowledge he's accumulated over the years. "I've often been asked what my symbols mean in relation to one another, and while I hint at their meanings with a reference in a title, their meanings are as ephemeral as the process itself. This transience of meaning serves as catalyst for each viewer’s understanding."

Contributing to most murals around the world, this artist prefers to work at a high scale size — his works on walls can be spotted in such places as Ostend, Belgium, Oakland, Mill Valley, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cozumel, Mexico, Arcevia, Italy, 9th & C Street, Manhattan, NY. "My paintings have subjectively different meanings for each person that views them, and through the observer’s own balance of reason, context, and intuitive reaction, each one serves as a starting place of thought and reflection rather than a means to an end."

Zio himself has also stepped from the canvas on wood to the canvas on shoes, designing a limited run of sneakers for the skater powerhouse, Vans! "Vans In collaboration with the painter and sculptor Zio Ziegler, the Vans x Zio Ziegler Authentic combines the original Vans low top style with Zio’s vibrant artwork, metal eyelets, and signature rubber waffle outsoles" said Vans on their official website.

// Zio's most recent show The Hall of Mirrors, Solo Installation at Untitled Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida sadly is over for the year but you can find his works at current group show Studio Cromie in Grottalgie or at